The 14th Asia Pacific Roundtable for Sustainable Consumption and Production (14th APRSCP)

The 14th Asia Pacific Roundtable for Sustainable Consumption and Production (14th APRSCP): “Investing in Innovation for SCP Implementation in Asia Pacific (towards enabling change for SDGs)” will be held on 12 – 14 November 2018 at Balai Kartini, Jakarta, Indonesia. This APRSCP Conference is conducted jointly with 2nd Indonesia Resource Efficiency Forum and Expo (2nd IREFE).

The central theme of the 14th APRSCP is about “Agenda of Change,” change in the government by mainstreaming SCP policies, engaging the business and industry sector, and involving other stakeholders and the community through innovation, experience, and real implementation on the ground to contribute to the – measurable – implementation of the SDGs (beyond Goal 12) .

The theme will also reflect the relevant issues at the High Level Political Forum (HLPF) in sustainable development: “Transformation Towards Resilient and Sustainable Societies” held last July 2018 in New York and the upcoming COP 24 UNFCCC in Poland: “Changing Together.”

At the 14th APRSCP, there will be 2 Plenary Sessions and 8 Roundtables Sessions:

Plenary Session 1. Scenario Agenda towards an Integrated Implementation of SCP to Accelerate Concrete Change on the Ground (12 November 2018)

Roundtable 1. Operational Changes in Government (12/11)
Roundtable 2. Operation Changes in Business and Industries (12/11)
Roundtable 3. Operational Change in Society / Community (12/11)
Plenary Session 2. Scalling-up Innovative Practices, Investments, and Capacity Development on SCP by fostering cooperation and advancing information sharing and regional networking among multi-stakeholders. (13 November 2018)

Roundtable 4. Resource for Driving Innovation by strengthening synergies and building collective investments and partnerships towards the advancement of SCP in the Region (13/11)
Roundtable 5. National Workshop on RECP (13/11)
Roundtable 6. Resource for driving change by advancing information sharing, communication and engagement towards sustainable lifestyles (13/11)
Roundtable 7. Resource for Driving Innovation in Financing (13/11)
Roundtable 8. Resource for Driving Innovation in Green Technology (13/11)
The Objectives of the 14th APRSCP are as follows:

To provide a dialogue platform among effective change agents as decision-makers influencing regional and national implementation of SCP towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) particularly SDG 12 and SCP-related Goals.
To discuss the need for systemic change and action on the ground by forming a community of practice through innovations, stake-holder collaborations, and advancing information sharing and knowledge platforms on SCP.
To encourage and support discussion on emerging issues on SCP including the development of links on SDGs global/regional initiatives on SCP to improve cross-information and coordination between key regional/international partners on SCP related issues.
To provide a dialogue platform, sharing experiences about business and industries initiatives on SCP and integrated resources efficiency solutions and production growth for better decision-making on SCP through innovation and investments
For further information, please check out 14thAPRSCP Official Website:

The 14th APRSCP is being hosted by the Indonesian Government led by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry Indonesia, and co-organized by the Indonesia Cleaner Production Center (PPBN) and Cendikia Synergy together with the Board of Trustees of the Asia Pacific Roundtable for Sustainable Consumption and Production (APRSCP).

As result here with we attached the document of Asia Pacific Citizenship Pledge for Resilient and Sustainable Societies.




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